5| How to fail in a construction project

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4| How to fail in a construction project

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6- Sourcing the contractor

Here we come, we finalize all of previous tasks and start looking for a contractor,

Ideally, Each contractor shall be evaluated according agreed criteria, But according to market experience, this never happens, Yes you may find an evaluations on the drawers but it doesn’t have the power to excuse a contractor or at some extreme conditions never read by any of the team members.

The main goal of the working team is the cost/price tag, Regardless of the contractor qualification or his team competency, the main target is usually the cost,

once the lowest offer received every one will be happy (Cost control, finance, Procurement, management, board members… etc) except the devil people (Engineering & Project management) despite the engineering advice and clear indicators of incompetency of the selected contractor the contract will be signed and the target achieved.

I saw too many companies select a contractor and sign a contract, then through him to supervision consultant who have not here or receive any written instruction to waive any thing of the contrac, So he will ask of all and each work of the specs, BOQ and the drawings despite anything happens previously

here another location of failure threshold achieved and it will reflect directly on the project initiation, progress & closeout